“Get Your Property Ready For Sale – How We Can Make You More $$$$$ !!!”

2 Storey weatherboards, and as you can clearly see the safety issues have been elimimatedOver the many years Go Cleaning have been in business we have gotten many houses ready for sale. We have become experts at preparing houses for the best possible sale price. It is a fact that first impressions often sell properties but if the house, paths, pool areas, shade-sails etc are dirty this can dramatically reduce the the prospective buyers impression of a property and can cause a greatly lowered offer.

With years of experience, we can come to your property and show you how to greatly increase the property value with a minimum of trouble and expense.58969_504154359620911_1168565281_n-3 We can wash your house down so it is spotless, we can clean your paths and driveway to give a greater impact, we can wash your pergola and laser-light, this makes a dramatic difference, we can wash the lichen and moss of your roof and we can even restore your decking at a fraction of the price of conventional methods, we then wash all of your windows and clean your carpets to give a spectacular result. In short, we can literally add thousands, sometimes TENS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS to the value of your property at a fraction of the price! All you need to do is call and ask us how and we will do the rest. Whether your house is a weatherboard, render, brick-veneer, or any other material, Concrete aggregate car park before and afterthere is nothing we can’t clean on the exterior of your house or factory, and we will add value, we guarantee it.Garden brick paving before and after

Ask any Real Estate agent, and they will tell you that a well presented property very often sells much faster at a much higher price. There is a lot of competition in the property market and we will give your property a full external make over and YOUR PROPERTY WILL SELL FASTER, AND AT A HIGHER PRICE, it really is a no-brainer.


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