Window Cleaning

ASelfie, Go Cleaning style, four stories up.t Go Cleaning we are rapidly gaining a foothold on the Melbourne commercial window cleaning scene. We are very experienced in cleaning factories and apartment buildings all over the city. We will give you the best Exterme window cleaning, 6 stories up. We specialize in apartment, high density window cleaningquality we can offer and we often work on weekends so there is a minimum of hassles for your company. We can arrange Cherry Pickers, lifters or if required we can arrange abseilers for any really tricky work. We can offer you a free quote with no obligation. All our cleaners are very experienced and will do all they can to get the results you require. We often work for cleaning companies and body cooperates to geAll the qualifications and experience for any jobt the job done fast and at a reasonable cost, but more importantly, with no complaints.Window cleaning using a filtered-water-fed pole, gentle enough for the most fral windows




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